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Our Process

We start our process by listening to your business needs, sample website or Web App or any lead that will help us to understand your pain points. Every industry and company faces unique obstacles that a digital presence can overcome. Our goal is to identify your challenges and create actionable plans that is specific to your business.
We analyze to identify your competitors, appropriate designs, and best keywords versus strategies that fit your industry and your company in particular. We will also include our team expertise opinions to reflect what should work best in your niche which will help to differentiate your brand from the crowd.
Our Creatives pick the research made on your behalf to create a compelling art concepts that best highlight your company’s brand with concise message for your ideal customers. Their job is to blend design, unique contents and complementing graphics to create a cohesive online strategy that appeals to your target audience.
At this stage, our developers have more than enough data to assist us transform your company’s brand into a digitally compliant one with 21st century presence on the internet. They make use of high quality tool kits with industrial standard Content Management System and other pre-existing systems or in-house code bases to develop a performant and functional digital craft that suits your company’s needs.
No matter how meticulous our development team had managed to work to present your brand online, we often feel the need to engage you at this stage to get your feedback in order to better reflect your company’s vision and aspirations, as this is key for us in order to deliver on our promises to you.
After we have digitally captured and transformed the compiled information about your company and everything is looking good, we will roll the final draft to your live server. From this point onward, we will continue to work with you. We will measure the impact of the website using Data analytics that is already embedded during development to escalate the dynamics of online visitors to your website and use the collated data to refine the website SEO for better user engagement and user conversion – which is the critical part of our post-launch assessment.